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The Dark Hedges

“Trees there were, old as trees can be, huge and grasping with hearts black as sin. Strange trees that some said walked in the night.”

Neil Gaiman, Fables & Reflections

The Dark Hedges are somethin’ else. These giant, old trees lace their branches over Bregagh Road, while sunlight drips through, dappling the walk below. They have presence, depth and an awareness that has only developed through sheer will of life and time. They are enigmatic in their beauty, their shadows hold mystery and their branches brim with serendipitous magic. They hold the secrets of the Gray Lady, who is said to walk amoung them at night – secrets they won’t tell.


We arrived mid-day, and apparently The Dark Hedges are an immensely popular pilgrimage spot for Games of Thrones fans seeking to walk the Kings Road. Which, by all means is great, but that scene was not the photo I wanted to create. But we walked it, and I took some photos. Yet these photos had people in them. I choose Poppy because she is red and would not a red Volkswagon bus look so amazing alone, in the middle, of the Dark Hedges? (And yes – I did think about this months before we even arrived to Ireland. This thought was the driving force behind renting Poppy). Walking back to Poppy, Cody – knowing me only as he does – said “lets come back at sunrise, then there won’t be these people”.

Perfect. My thoughts exactly.

The next morning, at some ungodly hour, we left our campsite and in our hast accidentally drove down the wrong side of the road in a tiny town. Ireland does not wake up until 9 am as a principal – except the one farmer driving down the side of the road we were. Opps. But we made it. And it was awesome. And best of all – none of these people were anywhere in sight. Poppy had her photoshoot that had been stuck in my head for months, the light was perfect, and the birds were busy welcoming the coming day with song.

About an hour later, the first people showed up to walk the Kings Road. It was time to leave and find some coffee.

The first few photos are from the mid-day walk, most of the people have been removed, the rest of the photos are from the morning adventure.


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